Here we are! Wait…who are we?

10 Dec

Garden Fresh

So, there will be a brief delay preventing all of you from getting your hands on some of this homemade goodness! But don’t fret its on its way. Until then…

Well, we realized that we have given you an idea of what we do but we have yet to tell you even a little bit about us. We are Grandma Anna’s Canners, but I suppose you have already got that part figured out. Over the past few years we have begun to realize the value of good quality food. Where better to find that type of thing than in the garden and Grandmas old recipe book! Jenny’s family has been utilizing the art of canning for generations and luckily the priceless skills have been passed down, along with the family recipe book.

Now, I have a disease that affects my intestines called Diverticulitis. Yeah, it’s unfortunate, but it has opened the window into understanding and appreciating quality, fresh, organic, natural foods. Again, garden and grandmas recipe book come in real handy! Once we realized that we had to alter our diets so drastically, we decided to grow our own garden and start knowing exactly where our food was coming from. Jenny’s dad gave us a small part of his back yard and the growing started.

With all of the freshness we had going on, we needed to figure out a way to make less waste and keep the food longer.

To Be Continued….


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